Riskwire is our flagship product. It provides a powerful integration and messaging solution incorporating our ACORD certified gateway.

We've used the latest technology to offer a smart, flexible and robust platform that is massively scalable. We can deploy on-premise or in the cloud.


Insurance integration projects are able to be delivered faster and in a more agile way than ever before using our no-code, no-deployment development capability
Infrastructure costs more typically associated with complex integration projects are able to be vastly reduced through the use of cloud and Riskwire's elastic scaling capabilities
Legacy Services can be exposed as modern scalable microservice APIs with state of the art multi-factor authentication and authorisation as standard
Bespoke message constructs and formats can be transformed into industry standards and delivered using secure up-to-date messaging protocols
The architecture allows the product to scale with ease and process ever-increasing volumes of message traffic, whilst maintaining the high levels of resilience required to offer truly assured message delivery
The high-performance Document Repository enables users to securely receive, store and serve documents via ACORD messaging or REST APIs. An optional Virus Scanning module is available for additional security

Blockchain Integration

The integration capability of Riskwire provides intuitive no-code no-deploy integration capability to facilitate inbound and outbound off-chain messaging.

  • Off-chain transactional events can be received in standard (e.g. ACORD Placement Message) or bespoke formats, transformed and integrated into Blockchain solutions to trigger on-chain events; for example, the creation of a Smart Contract.
  • On-chain transactional events can be propagated to the Riskwire platform, transformed and despatched in standard (e.g. ACORD DRI) or bespoke formats to update off-chain consumers.
  • The ability of Riskwire to isolate the transmission mechanism and formats of messaging from underlying Blockchain applications ensures that solutions remain highly cohesive and that messaging standards and protocols do not bleed unnecessarily into distributed applications.


We offer a number of flexible pricing and licensing models which are able to flex around your business requirements.

We support two standard pricing and licensing strategies:

  • An annual license fee coupled with a transactional charge. The levels of these aspects are able to flex in line with the overall use of Riskwire.
  • Where we partner on solutions with our strategic partners we are able to flex our pricing and licensing model to align more closely with partner licensing models.