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August 1st 2023

Enhance the Limitations of Legacy Insurance Software

A quarter of underwriters state their company's legacy underwriting software is the biggest challenge that they face each day. We...

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July 26th 2023

Q&A: Operation Customer Success with Send’s Head of Operations, Naynesh Patel

Ensuring that customers get the service they deserve, and more, is vital to us at Send. Whilst keeping track of...

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July 26th 2023

Two Thirds of Underwriters Are Missing Critical Data To do Their Jobs

Over 66% of underwriters said they were unable to obtain all the data and information they need to make risk...

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July 14th 2023

Why an underwriting workbench is the digital solution for the augmented underwriter

There is a commonly held view that underwriting processes are slow, outdated and inefficient. This is in part due to...

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July 12th 2023

Send announces strategic partnership with ACORD Solutions Group

July 12, 2023 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has partnered with ACORD Solutions Group (ASG), the digital...

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June 29th 2023

Ingestion congestion: tackling an underwriters’ biggest pain point 

It’s one of the biggest pain points facing underwriters: how to tackle the overwhelming influx of submissions and cut through...

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June 27th 2023

InsurTech Send launches Smart Submission product to increase insurers’ submission-to-quote ratios

June 27th 2023 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has launched its latest product for underwriters, Smart Submission....

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June 21st 2023

Unshakeable foundations and building a new legacy

The America Square conference venue is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new. The modern, brightly lit purpose-built space for...

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June 16th 2023

Tech alone isn’t the answer: How to align innovation with business impact

What if technology isn’t the answer? Or rather, what if technology is just part of the answer to insurance transformation?...

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June 15th 2023

Success in implementation: The benefits of partnerships in implementing an underwriting workbench

Send and Sollers Consulting have been working to together to deliver Send’s underwriting platform to commercial and specialty insurers. Here...

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June 1st 2023

Courage to Implement Change: Underwriters Prepare for the Future – a Webinar Recap

Send recently sponsored a webinar with Intelligent Insurer to address the courage underwriters must take as the industry, and profession,...

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May 31st 2023

Taking innovation out of silos: Discovering bionic architecture

The focus this year for insurers needs to be about teamwork and collaboration, at least if they want to accelerate...

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May 30th 2023

Underwriting Workbench Evolution: Q1 & Q2 product highlights

At Send, we understand that the commercial insurance landscape is continuously evolving. And with the number of new technologies, platforms,...

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May 25th 2023

Improving P&C Underwriting: A Recap of Commercial Lines USA 2023

Our team recently spent a few days in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois focused on underwriting at Commercial Lines...

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May 23rd 2023

Powering performance: the steps to cultural and business success

Culture is a vital component of business success. No-one knows that better than our Chief People Officer, Pat Caldwell. Pat...

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May 12th 2023

Untangling the spaghetti: why you need bionic architecture to evolve

Insurance must become more resilient and responsive. A number of challenges have buffeted the market over the last year, from...

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April 27th 2023

ChatGPT – to err is human

You’ve probably heard or read a lot recently about ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence (generative AI) chatbot which can have human-like...

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April 27th 2023

Blowing up the atomic policy: simplifying account-level underwriting

The world of risk is more complicated than ever, particularly in the commercial lines and specialty markets. Technological advancements have...

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April 26th 2023

Culture Club: the secrets to DevOps success

A world-class product needs a world-class team. And when it comes to delivering the best for our customers, we’ve assembled a...

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March 27th 2023

Send appoints Adam Cherubini as Chief Revenue Officer

March 27th, 2023 - Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) welcomes Adam Cherubini as Chief Revenue Officer as part...

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March 23rd 2023

Send and Sollers partner to support insurance underwriting

March 23, 2023 – Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) and Sollers Consulting announce a new partnership to deliver Send’s underwriting...

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March 14th 2023

Getting ahead of 1/1 2024: the role of technology

The 2023 reinsurance renewal season can only be described as having been challenging. A convergence of macroeconomic and geopolitical factors...

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March 8th 2023

Not just a pretty interface – the fundamental importance of product design

"Our underwriter customers have complex jobs and are overloaded with information. I see it as our responsibility to build something...

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February 9th 2023

Engineering excellence – the secret to underwriting success

Developing an award-winning technology solution takes more than just good tech (though that’s important too), it takes deep market insight...

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January 30th 2023

InsurTech Send appoints Chief People Officer

January 30th 2023 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has appointed its first Chief People Officer, Pat Caldwell,...

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January 26th 2023

Underwriting in a hard market

As we enter 2023, market commentators suggest the hard market conditions will continue to prevail across most lines of business....

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January 24th 2023

InsurTech Send announces senior hire for North American expansion

January 24th 2023 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has appointed its first dedicated North American hire, New...

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January 17th 2023

Can tech drive better risk selection in a hard market?

How can technology drive better risk selection in a hard market? ‘With the hard market emerging and putting pressure on...

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January 9th 2023

Snapshot: how does Send stack up?

Snapshot: how does Send stack up against independent review? “With a selection of pre-built templates and workflows for 30+ lines...

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November 29th 2022

Delivering underwriting project success: a fresh approach to digital transformation

Our industry doesn’t have the best reputation for delivering change quickly and efficiently. We’ve seen a number of ambitious change...

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November 15th 2022

Send announces $10m Series A funding raise to expand in US and UK

November 15, 2022 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has today announced it has closed a Series A...

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November 8th 2022

Send strengthens board with new chair – Chris Batterham

November 8, 2022 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has appointed internationally experienced business leader, Chris Batterham as...

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November 7th 2022

The bionic underwriter: not a 6-million-dollar question

“We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man.” The six-million-dollar man himself couldn’t...

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November 2nd 2022

Solving the data deluge – the only innovation underwriters want

Data. An underwriter’s biggest asset, but also their biggest challenge – especially for those at the Commercial Lines Innovation Europe...

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September 26th 2022

Send wins gold at the 2022 Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards

September 26 2022 – Leading UK InsurTech, Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send), was celebrating last week as it took home...

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September 7th 2022

In the war for underwriting talent, can better tech attract better talent?

In the war for underwriting talent, can better tech attract better talent? In the war for underwriting talent there is...

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September 6th 2022

Webinar: Enrich the art of underwriting as a bionic underwriter

Enrich the art of underwriting as a bionic underwriter: Hear from leading CUOs as they explore ways to become better,...

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July 12th 2022

Send shortlisted for two Insurance Times Tech & Innovation awards

July 12 2022 – Leading UK InsurTech, Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) is pleased to announce that it has been...

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July 1st 2022

Send interview with InsTech

Matt McGrillis, our co-founder and CTO, recently chatted to the InsTech team about advanced tech and the power it has...

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June 13th 2022

Send in the news – MGAs need to go bionic to compete

The MGA market is dynamic. Insurers are fast recognising the benefit of partnering with these nimble commercial insurance specialists to...

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June 8th 2022

The Bowhead Story – building a digital-first provider

Commercial Lines Innovation USA, run by Intelligent Insurer, is one of the leading conferences for senior insurance innovators in North...

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May 23rd 2022

Securing the next milestone: Send achieves ISO 27001 accreditation

23 May 2022: Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) is proud to announce it has received ISO 27001 accreditation,...

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May 16th 2022

Thomas Miller Specialty announces strategic partnership with Send

May 16 2022: Thomas Miller Specialty, a global multi-line insurance provider has announced a new partnership with Send Technology Solutions...

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May 11th 2022

Send poised for accelerated growth with PwC Scale InsurTech programme

May 11 2022 – Leading InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) is one of just fourteen international scale-up businesses selected...

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April 27th 2022

Send podcast: Helping underwriters do what they love

In a world where insurtech providers are seemingly ten-a-penny, how can insurance businesses find the right partner to drive meaningful,...

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April 25th 2022

Darryl Catts joins Send as non-exec director

April 25 2022 – Leading UK InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has announced the appointment of transformational insurance CIO...

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April 4th 2022

Send appoints Stacey White as Chief Financial Officer

April 4 2022 – Leading UK InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has announced the appointment of Stacey White as...

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January 25th 2022

InsurTech Send hails ‘landmark US deal’

January 25 2022 – Leading UK InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has announced its first US partnership, with Bowhead...

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January 17th 2022

Send viewpoint: No need to fall behind in the technology race

Market modernization and technology such as blockchain relies upon market participants having some uniformity when it comes to how they...

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November 9th 2021

You can say that again: conversational workflow is the future

Conversations naturally flow backwards and forwards, and sometimes go off on tangents, something that traditional business workflow processes cannot cope...

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October 18th 2021

Send viewpoint: Insurance Day insurTech focus

While tried and tested is one characteristic of a legacy system, a more accurate and less useful one is siloed...

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October 13th 2021

Wendy Cameron joins Send as Principal Solutions Architect

October 13 2021 – Send, a leading innovator of commercial insurance software solutions, has appointed Wendy Cameron as Principal Solutions...

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October 8th 2021

Why you don’t need to throw out the rating spreadsheets you love

There are often many reasons why the tried and tested approach is the best way of doing things. Through trial...

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September 28th 2021

7 ways an underwriting workbench makes your job more interesting

From start-ups to enterprise corporations, underwriters around the world are waking up to the value of an Underwriting Workbench. It’s...

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August 19th 2021

Send viewpoint: Insurance Times Big Question

The question of how the insurance industry can marry new technology with human touch has been answered in the September...

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August 13th 2021

Underwriting – meet the new kid on the block

For many underwriters, the data explosion provides both a challenge and an opportunity. Solving complex risks problems is a highly...

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August 2nd 2021

Leading Insight on the Future of the Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO)…

Accenture – the global giant delivering technology and human ingenuity has released their report, “The Future of the Chief Underwriting...

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June 26th 2021

A 4-year scale-up success story

From three men and a dog to over thirty employees and a raft of strong customer relationships, this week Send...

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June 17th 2021

InsurTech Send launches Underwriting Workbench

June 17 2021 - UK InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has launched an ‘underwriting workbench’, a global SaaS platform...

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June 3rd 2021

Martin Olley joins Send as Chief Commercial Officer

June 3 2021 – Send, a leading innovator of commercial insurance software solutions, has appointed Martin Olley as Chief Commercial...

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May 25th 2021

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jargon All Insurers Need to Know

Growth, automation, speed, insight; generative AI is pretty cool tech. It can also be a pretty confusing tech. Who hasn’t...

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May 10th 2021

Legacy is not a dirty word

Most commercial insurance carriers have legacy systems that sit at the very heart of their business. These policy administration systems...

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April 25th 2021

Being remote doesn’t necessarily mean being far away

As we emerge out the other side of the pandemic, the big question is, which changes will stick? There can...

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April 15th 2021

Jason Einon joins Send as Head of DevOps

April 15 2021 – Send, a leading innovator of commercial insurance software solutions, has appointed Jason Einon as Head of...

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March 31st 2021

The art and the science of underwriting – is the science letting you down?

As a CUO you are always looking for an edge. Is it time to rethink the science? With loss ratios...

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November 24th 2020

Transforming Send, transforming insurance

If you're reading this you'll have noticed that things look a little different around here. We hope you’ve noticed anyway!...

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