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A beginner’s guide to underwriting workbenches: a digital solution for the augmented underwriter

Beginner’s guide to underwriting workbench: A digital solution for the augmented underwriter

The workbench represents an opportunity for underwriting teams to increase their efficiency and competitive edge.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Underwriting Workbench

To become insight-driven, a modern CUO needs to be both a technology trailblazer, and a data master. But how can you make time for differentiator projects with rigid systems, data sprawl and manual workloads? Cue the Underwriting Workbench.

In our latest guide, you can discover:
• What an underwriting workbench is and why you need it
• How a workbench solves critical business problems
• Typical features of a workbench and how it fits within your ecosystem

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The Rise of the Exponential Underwriter

For many underwriters, the data explosion provides both a challenge and an opportunity. Read our latest eBook and discover:

• What it means to be an exponential underwriter today
• The role of AI in creating a virtuous circle of data
• How you can transform your company into an insight-driven organisation

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Case Study

Global Insurer Success Story

Learn how our Underwriting Workbench helped a global carrier transform their underwriting operations and:

• Become an insight-driven organisation with better, faster decisions, driven by real-time insight.

• Standardize underwriting journeys, get a clear understanding of risk and focus on core work that drives growth.

• Lead with forward visibility and commercial confidence with better reporting, rich MI, a single customer view and clear audit trail.

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