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Insurance Customer Due Diligence

Ensures regulatory compliance and allows you to truly know your customer.

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MGA Management

Onboarding and ongoing management of MGAs and coverholders, capturing contract details and providing oversight of bordereau submissions.

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Outward Reinsurance Manager

Full lifecycle outward reinsurance administration and process management.

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Smart Submission

Take control of submission chaos and automate the process to increase your submission-to-quote ratio.

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Combining a user-focused, single point management of processes and tasks with intuition, efficiency and an agile, composable nature.

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Providing rapid, simplified and scalable system integration that’s built on safe and secure cloud architecture.

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Insurance Document Generation

Generate quote, policy and regulatory documents on demand using easily managed templating capability.

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Clash and Clearance

A holistic view of pre-bind submissions across your portfolio.

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Insurance Contract Certainty

Proactively guard against future claims and contractual disputes.

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Management Information

Razor-sharp insight into your data providing you with advanced analytics that inform and reinforce your commercial, operational and growth strategies.

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Insurance Data Services

Real-time introspection, cleansing and augmentation of company and asset data from recognized authoritative data sources.

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Insurance Business Rules Engine

Enterprise class, lightning quick rules engine with an intuitive rule designer that allows rules to be created and maintained by business users.

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Program Builder

Easily construct and visualize the most complex insurance and reinsurance programs.

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Asset Data Manager

Manage property, motor, and marine portfolios with a point-in-time view of each assets’ characteristics.

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Intelligent Insurance Data Processing

Domain driven generative AI capability focused on data identification, extraction and standardization.

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Submission Triage

Integrated triage capability that automates the flow of information into the platform providing advanced prioritization and screening.

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Pricing Engine

A smart cloud-based tool that helps actuaries and underwriters supercharge pricing with advanced programming languages.

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Bordereaux Generator

Automated generation of bordereaux with configurable templating capability.

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Bordereaux Management

AI based inbound bordereaux processing with advanced rule validation and intelligent assist.

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Submission Portal

Empowering your business partners to submit and pre-validate business before it arrives on your desk.

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