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Bordereaux Management

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AI-based bordereaux processing for spreadsheets with rule validation, and API-enabled processing in real-time of any unstructured data written by Coverholders or MGAs

  • AI / remembered mappings to reduce the time and effort in the mapping process especially where bordereaux formats change
  • Geocoding to get accurate location data (down to building location) for MI and exposure reporting
  • Configurable rules engine to monitor MGA and Coverholder performance against all applicable contract data
  • Ability to correct data within the mapping process / handling errors and cleansing data within the mapping process
  • ‘Sub mapping’ ability that cleans and streamlines data within the mapping process to market or internal values.
  • Reconciliation of risks, premiums and claims data at a policy and transactional/financial level
  • Cross bordereaux rules to validate individual risks across risks, premiums and claims records
  • Workflow/referrals within the mapping process to handle breaches and escalations
  • Kanban-type dashboards to allow for easy workflow management

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