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State of Underwriting Survey

See what over 300 senior underwriters had to say about the state of commercial underwriting and how technology is changing the landscape.

-66% of underwriters can’t get the accurate data they need to make risk decisions
- 53% of underwriters waste time on manual tasks
-35% feel balancing a human touch and automation is a top challenge

Read the the rest of what underwriters had to say.

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INFUSE Webinar: AI is the norm now, what is next?

EPISODE ONE examines the impact of AI in underwriting and what we can expect to see over the next few years – and beyond.

The sudden explosion of AI into the mainstream, begs the question: why now, and why is the insurance industry so well-suited for it?

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How insurers are using underwriter workbenches in 2024

Two thirds of underwriters say they cannot get all the data and information they need to make risk decisions quickly and efficiently, according to Intelligent Insurer and Send. Underwriters spend 40% of their time on administrative tasks, according to an Accenture survey of US underwriters, which also found that inefficient systems, redundant inputs and manual processes are what hold them back most.

In this report, InsTech starts with the basics of what to look out for when comparing underwriting workbenches, and shares the experiences of some of those who have deployed workbenches, so the market can learn from the early adopters.

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INSTECH Report: A beginner’s guide to underwriting workbenches

A digital solution for the augmented underwriter: The workbench represents an opportunity for underwriting teams to increase their efficiency and competitive edge.

This report includes:

• Why underwriting workbenches have become more relevant in recent years and how they keep insurers
ahead of the innovation curve
• What comes with an underwriting workbench and what you have to integrate into it
• How underwriting, technology and operations teams can advocate for a workbench

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A Beginner’s Guide to Underwriting Workbench

To become insight-driven, a modern CUO needs to be both a technology trailblazer, and a data master. But how can you make time for differentiator projects with rigid systems, data sprawl and manual workloads? Cue the Underwriting Workbench.

In our latest guide, you can discover:
• What an underwriting workbench is and why you need it
• How a workbench solves critical business problems
• Typical features of a workbench and how it fits within your ecosystem

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The Rise of the Exponential Underwriter

For many underwriters, the data explosion provides both a challenge and an opportunity. Read our latest eBook and discover:

• What it means to be an exponential underwriter today
• The role of AI in creating a virtuous circle of data
• How you can transform your company into an insight-driven organisation

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Case Study

Global Insurer Success Story

Learn how our Underwriting Workbench helped a global carrier transform their underwriting operations and:

• Become an insight-driven organisation with better, faster decisions, driven by real-time insight.

• Standardise underwriting journeys, get a clear understanding of risk and focus on core work that drives growth.

• Lead with forward visibility and commercial confidence with better reporting, rich MI, a single customer view and clear audit trail.

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