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Bordereaux Ingestion

Powerful capabilities to ingest and map unstructured data

Process unstructured bordereaux data from coverholders and brokers into a standardised format.

Bordereaux reports can be complex, and the data received is often in multiple formats and needs to be standardised. This presents a significant challenge for insurers when attempting to process data for effective bordereaux management.

Our Bordereaux Ingestion component converts and maps risk, premium and claims data from different sources into a standardised format, as well as automatically checking the data to reduce errors and improve data accuracy.


Smart data mapping

We use generative AI to help simplify the initial data mapping and then automate the process once this has been mapped.

Data accuracy and reduced errors

Manually checking bordereaux data is time-consuming and prone to errors. Our platform automatically checks for duplicates, incorrect currency listings, and other discrepancies to save time and ensure accurate data ingestion.

Unique risk and claim records

We stand apart in our ability to create unique risk and claim records. This provides teams with the ability to view each risk unlike the aggregate view that many other systems offer.

Bordereaux reporting

By creating unique risk and claim records, teams can review the performance of each bordereaux line, helping to make informed decisions on renewals or contract adjustments.

Multiple data formats

While most bordereaux files are sent in the form of a spreadsheet via email, our system can standardise multiple different formats – including ingestion via APIs.

Bordereaux validation

Key terms of a binder or contract are captured within the workflow to help validate the bordereaux as it is ingested.

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