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Management Information

Gain valuable operational insights from within your Underwriting Workbench

Our Management Information component provides essential data from your core operational and underwriting activities from within the Underwriting Workbench.

This gives teams a cross portfolio view of your data and provides key performance data, such as potential income from risks quoted or identifying any ‘sticking’ points within your underwriting process.

Provide your teams with the data and insights required to make informed decisions.


Focus on key data

Provide your teams with visualised data to simplify large volumes of complex data. Reporting can be setup to focus on the metrics that matter most to your underwriting process. These can be key metrics for faster insights or detailed reporting for a better understanding of the data.

Improved underwriting performance

Help underwriters understand how to best manage the underwriting process with operational data – this could be long submissions are taking or identify which brokers are most likely to convert.

Workflow reporting

Reporting on key performance metrics such as volume conversion rates, as well as the individual or team resources allocated to risks within the underwriting process.

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