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Operations & Underwriting Dashboard

A real-time view of your underwriting operations

Visualise where any given any given risk is within your underwriting process. Dashboards can be tailored for specific team or views required within in your underwriting process.

This helps teams better manage risks within the Underwriting Workbench with standardised workflows, as well as providing related insights for a more efficient operations and underwriting process.

Team dashboards

Dashboards can be setup to be team specific to provide a focused view on the risk. These could be related to general operations or a specific view related to the risks in progress.

Real-time tracking

Providing teams with a real-time view of the risks within the Underwriting Workbench to help prioritise work and allocate resources effectively.

Custom views

Underwriters can select Kanban or List  in the dashboard for a comprehensive view of risks in the system. This provides improved visibility and valuable insights for better operational and underwriting performance.

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