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18th October 2021

Send viewpoint: Insurance Day insurTech focus

While tried and tested is one characteristic of a legacy system, a more accurate and less useful one is siloed...

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13th October 2021

Wendy Cameron joins Send as Principal Solutions Architect

13 October 2021 – Send, a leading innovator of commercial insurance software solutions, has appointed Wendy Cameron as Principal Solutions...

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8th October 2021

Why you don’t need to throw out the rating spreadsheets you love

There are often many reasons why the tried and tested approach is the best way of doing things. Through trial...

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28th September 2021

7 ways an underwriting workbench makes your job more interesting

From start-ups to enterprise corporations, underwriters around the world are waking up to the value of an Underwriting Workbench. It’s...

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19th August 2021

Send viewpoint: Insurance Times Big Question

The question of how the insurance industry can marry new technology with human touch has been answered in the September...

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13th August 2021

Underwriting – meet the new kid on the block

For many underwriters, the data explosion provides both a challenge and an opportunity. Solving complex risks problems is a highly...

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2nd August 2021

Leading Insight on the Future of the Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO)…

Accenture – the global giant delivering technology and human ingenuity has released their report, “The Future of the Chief Underwriting...

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26th June 2021

A 4-year scale-up success story

From three men and a dog to over thirty employees and a raft of strong customer relationships, this week Send...

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17th June 2021

InsurTech Send launches Underwriting Workbench

17 June 2021 - UK InsurTech Send Technology Solutions Ltd (Send) has launched an ‘underwriting workbench’, a global SaaS platform...

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3rd June 2021

Martin Olley joins Send as Chief Commercial Officer

3rd June 2021 – Send, a leading innovator of commercial insurance software solutions, has appointed Martin Olley as Chief Commercial...

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25th May 2021

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jargon All Insurers Need to Know

Growth, automation, speed, insight; AI is pretty cool tech. It can also be a pretty confusing tech. Who hasn’t nodded...

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10th May 2021

Legacy is not a dirty word

Most commercial insurance carriers have legacy systems that sit at the very heart of their business. These policy administration systems...

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25th April 2021

Being remote doesn’t necessarily mean being far away

As we emerge out the other side of the pandemic, the big question is, which changes will stick? There can...

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15th April 2021

Jason Einon joins Send as Head of DevOps

15th April 2021 – Send, a leading innovator of commercial insurance software solutions, has appointed Jason Einon as Head of...

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31st March 2021

The art and the science of underwriting – is the science letting you down?

As a CUO you are always looking for an edge. Is it time to rethink the science? With loss ratios...

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24th November 2020

Transforming Send, transforming insurance

If you're reading this you'll have noticed that things look a little different around here. We hope you’ve noticed anyway!...

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