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Document Management

Document Storage that works intuitively within your underwriting process

The influx of emails, documents and files received can be overwhelming. Keeping track of where these are stored or how these are managed can be even harder.

Our Document Storage component allows greater control of how documents are uploaded, organised, secured and managed within the Underwriting Workbench.


View documents by policy year

Access to historical documents usually requires a lot of back and forth between systems. Our Workbench reviews the documents over years and pivots the view to segment each policy year individually for easy access to documents associated with previous years of a risk.

Improved document security

Where underwriters deal with sensitive documents that require additional security, these can be ‘locked’ to an underwriter. Documents remain visible to others on the risk to give the full picture, but securely protect any sensitive files, e.g., medical, financial, etc.

Connect to your existing document storage

If you have existing document storage in place, we can connect to this via API to allow your ops and underwriting teams to access this from within the Underwriting Workbench.

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