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How we are different

A modern flexible platform needs a modern flexible mindset, that’s why we’re committed to collaboration and working hand in hand.

We see ourselves as partners as much as providers; going the extra mile to make sure we deliver on our promises and develop solutions that are tailored to you. Put simply — if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

We’re bringing new thinking to the insurance landscape by combining extensive experience, a healthy respect for the sector, and a fresh tech-led perspective. Our open-minded outlook enables us to rethink and reshape solutions using our fluid, composable SaaS insurance platform that seamlessly scales to suit your needs.

Where products of the past have been complex and rigid, the Send Insurance technology solution offers an agile, plug and play nature that gives you what you need, when you need it. A platform that’s built for change. A platform that’s built for you.

But it’s not just our composable technology that’s immensely agile. Agility is a core part of our entire culture. We’ve fused advanced tech with a deep domain expertise and a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) approach. This means we can build, test and release new capabilities in days. With smaller code change sets this means:

  • Faster release rates and quicker results.
  • End-user involvement and real-time feedback leading to improved product quality.
  • Reduced cost and effort with less-time consuming releases and upgrades.
  • Automation of changes across all environments.
  • Higher end user satisfaction with fast turnaround of new features and bug fixes.

This means you get to accelerate change and streamline the way you work. Ready to capitalise on market change? We’ve got just the team you need.

Proven expertise you can trust

We’re bringing a new way of working to the commercial insurance market. Fusing innovative technology with proven deep domain expertise we provide a single platform with global capability. Built for insurance professionals, by insurance professionals.

AI-driven automation

Our automation offers a pathway to digitise insurance. Advanced artificial intelligence and data processing toolsets provide contextual information and processing in real-time.

Composable technology

Our agile, composable platform provides the building blocks for success, regardless of size, scale or existing systems. Customers can pick and choose the perfect combination of components for their business.

Integration-first approach

Integration is simplified with API’s enabling highly dynamic workflows. Our frictionless connectivity of enables work to flow freely across all systems, including legacy systems.

Built for change

Our low code microservice architecture enables the frequent and reliable delivery of new capabilities. By applying agile principles, we can build, test and release new capabilities in days.

Rapid SaaS deployment

Our SaaS platform is rapid to deploy and is available to any insurer, MGA or broker, regardless of their size. We get teams up and running on our highly secure, cloud- based technology in weeks, not months. Easy-to-adopt, easy-to-use, easy-to-scale.

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