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Smart Submission

Automate your Underwriting Submission Process to Write More Business, Faster.

We help you rapidly ingest, classify and triage new submissions.

Manage inbox chaos and speed up submissions with automated extraction and processing.

It usually starts with an email… and your underwriters need to quickly process time-consuming and unstructured data.

Submissions are a critical point in the underwriting process and ultimately determine how much business you can write.

Get control of your submissions, and free your teams from manual tasks. Smart Submission uses AI to provide intelligent automation that extracts data in seconds from any format.

Unified inbox

Give your teams a real-time view of the Smart Submission shared inbox.

Make sense of unstructured data.

Data extraction to create submissions with unstructured data.

Automated Submissions

Submissions can be created automatically with little to no rekeying.

Improved performance

Increase your submission-to-quote ratio with Send

Triage dashboard

Provide your teams with a view to efficiently triage and manage submissions inbox.

Real-time insights

Advanced rules can be created to determine appetite and other business preferences.

Manage your SLAs

Set your SLAs and logic to manage submission timing and prioritization.

Connect to your Workbench

Smart Submission easily connects with Send Underwriting Workbench for a seamless end-to-end underwriting process.

Smart Submission will transform the way your business views submissions.

What once was a messy and time-consuming process, will feel effortless, giving your underwriting teams the confidence to write better business, faster.

We recognise that organising submission data is critical to the success of your underwriting process.

From the insertion of customer-defined rules to automatically identifying the appropriate SLA – Smart Submission provides the insurance expertise and workflows to support this

Faster submissions with AI

Advanced AI to extract data, auto-populate submissions, and highlight any missing information.

Enhanced submission routing

Configurable workflows, duplication and knock-out rules, and the ability to manage submission priorities.

Visibility of your submissions

Central visibility of submission status to be able to track at individual and team levels and identify bottlenecks.

Enriched submission data

Submissions are enriched with third-party data APIs to improve the quality of data on your submissions.

Data Ingestion Technologies

Send partners with best-in-class data ingestion technologies and we continue to expand our library of integrated vendors.

We can easily align to your business requirements and lines of business.

What industry advisors are saying

80% of insurers believe they need to innovate faster than ever to keep a competitive advantage.

Source: Accenture

40% of underwriters time is spent on admin tasks.

Source: McKinsey & Co

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