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Delegated Underwriting Authority Workbench

Integrated coverholder, binder and bordereaux management

Grow your delegated business with streamlined coverholder onboarding, binder management and improved bordereaux processing.

Whether you are looking to scale or manage your existing delegated business, our platform helps insurers manage the increased volume of data that comes with Delegated Underwriting Authority.

We’ve developed integrated workflows and capabilities built-in to effectively manage your delegated business processes as part of our Delegated Underwriting Authority Workbench solution.

A single platform for open market and delegated business that provides a standardised view of risk exposure in real-time.

Coverholder Management

Integrated workflows simplify the process of creating new and managing existing coverholders. Data services ensure you are using a known entity when creating a coverholder and referrals to manage coverholder approvals.

Managing your Binding Authority

Integrated review and approval process for your binding authority contracts. Capture key contract data to validate against bordereaux.

Bordereaux Management

Process and map unstructured bordereaux data from coverholders, while our platform captures key terms within the workflow to validate bordereaux data as it is ingested.


Reporting capabilities allow you to track bordereaux, produce consolidated data outputs and review validations.

We combine the power of our market leading Underwriting Workbench with robust coverholder, binding authority, and bordereaux management capabilities within a single platform.

Industry leading platform

Built on a leading Underwriting Workbench with proven workflows for coverholder, binder and bordereaux and management.

Multiple data formats

Standardise and map data from unstructured bordereaux data from multiple formats, including API ingestion.

Validate bordereaux data

Workflows can be set up to automatically check for key terms in a binder or contract to validate data as it is ingested.

Intelligent ingestion

Workbench remembers previous mappings, and will suggest mappings for new bordereaux.

Data led and insight driven

Dashboards and reporting to provide insurers with a real time view of premium, risk and claims data.

Full traceability

We capture both supplied and mapped data which can be reviewed as part of an audit process where required.

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