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Clause Library

A clause library that can be easily applied to your risks

The Clause Library is a drop-down that helps underwriters to quickly select and apply standard clauses to your policies and contracts, ensuring consistency and accuracy within your teams.


Managing clauses across lines

The clause library can select and apply clauses across different lines of business. Your teams can search and apply the appropriate clauses for over 40+ lines of business, ensuring a seamless operations process.

Clause rules

Apply rules within the workflow based on the clause applied – this ensures the correct checks and rules are applied to the risk once the clause has been applied.

Clause management

We’ve simplified clause management by allowing you to easily add new clauses, make corrections to existing ones, and retire outdated ones. This dynamic lifecycle management ensures that your library remains current and relevant – and keeps a record of which versions have been applied to your risks.

Operational efficiency

Our Clause Library allows teams to restructure, align or introduce new clauses throughout the organisation to ensure these are standardised without disrupting the existing workflow.

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