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Built for the London Market

An Al-powered platform designed to help Lloyd's and London Market underwriters manage complex commercial and specialty risks.

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Whether you are an open-market or delegated underwriter, our platform provides a single, integrated hub for all your underwriting needs, from submission to bind and beyond.

Send has developed a platform specifically for the London Market. With real-time portfolio insight and improved risk selection, you can confidently lead your business.

Core Benefits

Become a data-driven underwriting function and drive performance growth with a platform built to manage complex commercial and specialty risks.

Accelerate your underwriting evolution with a rich workbench platform out-of-the-box that delivers all the essential functionality you need as a London market insurer to get up and running quickly.

Regain control and improve underwriting capacity to drive GWP growth with open market and delegated business managed together in a single platform.

Easily take advantage of the ecosystem integrations, data and Al you need to fuel the next stage of your underwriting growth.

Reduce operational friction and improve the broker experience through data integration, digital connectivity and faster turnaround.

Make better underwriting decisions to improve profitability with rich MI, real-time portfolio insights, and improved risk selection.

Connected to the London Market

Our platform comes with connectors and a rich API library, linking your London Market insurance applications and data sources.

We offer an accelerated, low-cost, low-friction trial. Go live with an open market line of business within 60 days for new business and renewals.

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Core features

A one-stop desktop for open-market and delegated underwriters. Our platform serves as a unified hub for all data, documentation and decisions from submission to bind, and beyond.

Our deep workbench supports complex risk structures, multi-section programmes, risk codes, stamps, subscription markets, and more.

Pre-configured for immediate operational readiness, without the need for extensive customisation.

We have a data model that caters for complex risk structures and a robust rules engine that enables workflow and data capture related to underwriting.

Advanced automation and generative Al elimiates the need for rekeying to reduce errors and save time with manual tasks.

Our platform is designed for flexibility and is 'built for change'. It has a low-code microservice architecture based on interchangeable components.

Accelerated product delivery and development

30+ lines of business enable accelerated product delivery and development.

All built-in and ready-to-go so you can scale with confidence.

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  • Aviation
  • Cargo
  • Commercial Property
  • Construction
  • Corporate Property
  • Cyber
  • D&O
  • E&O
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Excess Casualty
  • Financial Institutions
  • Forestry
  • Healthcare
  • Latent Defects
  • Legal Expenses
  • Liability
  • M&A
  • Marine
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motor
  • Primary Casualty
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Professional Liability
  • Property
  • Property Investors
  • Real Estate
  • Space
  • Specie and Fine Art
  • Surety
  • Terrorism
  • Warranty & Indemnity
  • Wholesale Property

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Learn how to unlock the potential of Al-powered underwriting with our platform, tailored for Lloyd's and London Market underwriters.

Supporting complex risk structures, multi-section programmes, risk codes, stamps, subscriptions, and more - essential for effective underwriting within the London Market.


‘Fat PAS’: weighed, measured… and found wanting by the evolving London Market?

The London Market has undoubtedly passed the tipping point on which core system it views as most critical to staying competitive and compliant.

We are now entering the ‘deep workbench’ era.

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Underwriting Maturity in the London Market

In this data-driven world, there is an opportunity to not only improve underwriting efficiencies, but to fundamentally transform what underwriters do.

The underwriting evolution has shifted away from focusing on process and cost to now harnessing that investment and marrying it with highly accessible third-party data. This allows for deeper underwriting insights to better inform risk selection, exposure analysis and pricing.

Insurance carriers will find themselves at different points of evolution along this maturity continuum spanning the spectrum of manual/non-standard processes to expansive use of data in the underwriting process. Not all commercial and specialty insurers are ready to evolve at the same pace.

Download to see your path from process-centric to data-centric underwriting.


Built for the London Market

A single platform designed for the London Market to manage the underwriting process from submission to bind, and beyond.
Our AI-powered platform is designed to help Lloyd’s and London market underwriters manage complex commercial and specialty risks, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and enhance your business growth.

Whether you are an open-market or delegated underwriter, our platform provides a single, integrated hub for all your underwriting needs, from submission to bind and beyond.


A London Market Case Study

A major global insurer, one of the UK’s top five composites, wanted to find a way of becoming more agile, accurate, and profitable by tackling, and quickly, a number of legacy challenges and bottlenecks in the London Market.

Ultimately it wanted to regain control over its underwriting and risk data with a one-stop desktop for its underwriters and to be able to confidently embrace new products and drive future growth.


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