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Clearance & Compliance

Have the confidence to grow and scale without introducing compliance risks

Ensure regulatory compliance without slowing down your underwriting process.

Our Clearance & Compliance streamlines your due-diligence process and enables you to verify compliance throughout the underwriting process.

Automated sanctions checks happen in the background with our APIs getting to work as soon as a risk has been created.


Automated checks

Specialised compliance APIs and data services run in the background to reduce the number of manual checks required. These automated checks ensure robust compliance and can flag issues where required.

Audited compliance

Every check is captured within the system with evidence that the checks have been made – all available as an integrated audit trail for your compliance teams.

Streamlined compliance checks

Automated clearance and compliance checks start as soon as a risk is introduced. This means that most of the clearance and compliance checks have been completed before the underwriter reviews the risk.

Custom compliance workflows

Clearance and compliance checks can be customised with workflows that can refer a risk or place a hold on the underwriting process for that risk for stronger controls on all checks.

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