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A single platform for managing new business, renewals and endorsements - one place where resources, data and work align


Underwriting Workbench for MGAs

We take all the stress out of the underwriting process so you can do more of the work you love – underwriting risk.

Our disruptive SaaS platform enables MGAs to fundamentally change and improve how you operate and understand risk. We enable you to streamline operations and work smarter by bringing bordereaux management, task workflow, audit and compliance control, pricing and MI reporting into a single core platform.

Think of it as a one-stop desktop for your underwriters where data intelligence, decision points and documentation all reside within the same place. So, you can receive submissions in a way that suits you and seamlessly ingest complex third-party data, even from legacy systems. And with highly configurable role-based workflows, you can easily view and track work through the entire lifecycle and standardise journeys. All without hiring additional staff.

By automating admin-heavy work and eliminating rekeying with advanced artificial intelligence and data processing toolsets, we take all stress out of the underwriting processes. The result? Underwriting teams regain control and focus on core work that drives growth for your business, and allows you to give carriers the best experience.

Fusing revolutionary technology and deep domain expertise, we have created a composable underwriting workbench everyone will love.

API-enabled, AI-assisted, future-ready.

Our composable MGA platform is specifically designed for MGAs, coverholders, or scheme holders with delegated underwriting authority.Would you like to find out more or book a demo?

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Start-up MGAs

Numerous players are entering the fray with a ‘digital-first’ approach. We can help kickstart new entrants with out-of-the-box digital systems and become your core system of record.

Established MGAs

Our workbench bolts onto existing critical systems to give mature organisations the same advantage as start-up MGAs. We are the accelerator to your modernisation.

Our workbench is proven in both start-up and enterprise companies in the commercial and specialty market. Aside from streamlining operations and providing forward visibility, our customers report:


reduction in processing time


more time to focus on core work

Decision-making in record time

To make rapid, accurate decisions MGAs need information at their fingertips, in real-time. Our cloud-based, AI-assisted workbench is enriched with business intelligence. Better reporting, seamless workflows and a single customer view not only enable a better handle on productivity but enable MGAs to lead with commercial confidence.

Regain control

Focus on core work that drives growth with new business, renewals and endorsement data all together in a single platform

Track work

Forget about spreadsheets and do-lists. Our workbench brings tasks out of silos so you can easily view and manage work through the entire lifecycle.

Understand risk

Receive submissions in a way that suits you. Collect data once, seamlessly ingest complex third-party data and get a clear understanding of risk.

Standardise journeys

Our non-linear conversational workflows work the way you do, in real-time. Standardise underwriting journeys and processes for dynamic modelling.

Automate tasks

We do the heavy lifting for you by automating admin-intensive tasks and eliminating rekeying. We take all the stress out of the underwriting process and drive greater efficiencies.

Get real-time insights

Get real-time insights at your fingertips so you can easily monitor underwriting and improve turnaround time and accuracy on quotes for complex risks.

Composable technology

Pick and choose the interchangeable components you need to create a competitive advantage. Advanced functionality includes Bordereaux Management Integrated Pricing.

Make rapid change

Be ready for change with an agile platform. Pivot quickly, scale on-demand, deliver continuous transformation.

The Rise of the Exponential Underwriter

For many MGAs, the data explosion provides both a challenge and an opportunity. Solving complex risks problems is a highly sophisticated process that relies not only on deep and extensive first-hand experience but also on mining and interrogating multiple, disparate data sources. Evolved underwriters that can take advantage of emerging technologies (AI, machine learning, RPA etc) to leverage real-time data will become more valuable to their clients and companies.

In our latest eBook, you can discover:
What it means to be an exponential underwriter
The role of AI in creating a virtuous circle of data
How you can transform your company into an insight-driven organisation
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A Beginner’s Guide to Underwriting Workbench for MGAs

To become insight-driven, a modern MGA needs to be both a technology trailblazer, and an intelligent data master. But how can you make time for differentiator projects with rigid systems, data sprawl and manual workloads? Cue the Underwriting Workbench.

In our latest guide, you can discover:
What an underwriting workbench is and why you need it
How a workbench solves critical business problems
Typical features of a workbench and how it fits within your ecosystem
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