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Combining a user-focused, single point management of processes and tasks with intuition, efficiency and an agile, composable nature.

Workbench is a commercial insurance platform which supports and facilitates the underwriting process, from initial enquiry to bind.

It provides a single customer view of data, empowering users to make the right decisions at the right time. Tasks and workflow are driven by intelligent assist features created to optimise, automate and enhance.

Workbench delivers a complete view of the business portfolio, providing operational and strategic insight to help drive decisions and conduct business with commercial confidence. 

Workbench has been built to align with the following key design principles:

  • Customer information is keyed once, providing a single-entry point for data entry, data cleansing and data enrichment.
  • Data is collected at the right time in the right place.
  • Where information is available, or already held in alternate systems, that data will be pulled into the platform as required. This is accomplished through Send Connect.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence and data processing toolsets will automate the receipt and upload of risk and asset schedules and bordereaux.
  • Advanced operational MI must provide a comprehensive view across all risk data, to facilitate efficient management of operations and focus of teams.
  • Workflow must be easy to configure and support non-linear processing to allow teams to operate in the most flexible and efficient manner.
  • Integration flexibility to alternate systems must be easy to accomplish. This enables integration with a myriad of systems for data enrichment, and facilitates the upgrade and decommission of peripheral systems as required.

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