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Providing rapid, simplified and scalable system integration that’s built on safe and secure cloud architecture.

Connect is an insurance-focused integration and data transformation platform. It is cloud based and provides a scalable and highly secure capability, designed to simplify system integration.

An intuitive administration UI supports the creation of code-free integration routes with, guaranteed delivery and complete auditability across the platform as standard. The platform incorporates a full document repository with supporting APIs and malware detection.

In addition, the platform offers the following key advantages:

• Development speed is greatly enhanced with the use of pre-built connectors for the leading Policy Admin, Rating, CRM and many other systems enabling legacy systems to be easily connected.
• A highly scalable and lightweight micro-service architecture with a fully automated deployment mechanism.
• A real-time view of API and integrated systems with alerting and pro-active management.
• Security at the heart of the platform. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

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