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MGA Management

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Onboarding and ongoing management of MGAs and coverholders, capturing contract details and providing oversight of bordereau submissions.

This component manages and co-ordinates the onboarding of MGAs, ensuring all required checks are completed. It provides routing tools to request checks are carried out by a separate team, as well as storage of all associated documents.

MGA Manager also offers oversight of bordereau receipt and submission recording, in addition to highlighting overdue bordereau.

Additional features include:

  • Detailed real-time analysis of MGA and Coverholder performance across all LOBs
  • Company sanctions check autoruns each time there is new activity on the coverholder
  • Conversational workflow which doesn’t delay the onboarding process
  • Referral ability within the onboarding process
  • PDF analysis to pull key data and tables from PDF scanned documents e.g., contracts
  • Kanban-type dashboards to allow for easy workflow management
  • Configurable due diligence and financial questionnaires for onboarding and reviews
  • Advanced AI to validate every piece of Coverholder business and run detailed analysis on variances


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