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An Industry’s Collective Path to Future Ready

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Published on:8th November 2023
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The insurance industry’s journey to readiness starts with a willingness to discuss and collaborate.

#ITCVegas is an incredible congregation of the industry’s thought leaders all seeking the same thing: a way forward that works for them. The insurtech space is crowded, and it’s hard to realize just how crowded it is until you pull them all together in the same space. However, it’s an incredible opportunity to get the pulse of the state of change – and the diagnosis is extremely positive.

In Gary Vee’s opening keynote, he inferred the state of our industry was in a state of ‘chaos’, but I actually think it’s the opposite. I think our industry has fully embraced a heightened state of enlightenment and this conference is one of many activations designed to leverage the state of optimism that exists across insurtechs, carriers, MGAs, brokers and other partners.

It’s all coming together. And while there are certainly competitive interests at stake, I get the sense that the industry gathering here in Vegas are all rowing in the same direction. There is a shared commitment to exploring how they can leverage innovative and forward-thinking technology solutions to improve how they automate and streamline the way they do business.

They know they have to. They know it’s going to be difficult. Yet they want to understand how they can take advantage of the technology available and affect change within their respective organizations.

We mustn’t conclude that just because an organization still has legacy systems and outdated platforms that they’re laggards or non-believers in technology. I’ve found the opposite to be true. My conversations with potential partners and clients at ITC were filled with optimism, vision, and a shared outlook for how the industry will be much more customer-centric by leveraging the benefits of smart technologies and automated workflows and processes.

That’s what Send is all about – partnering with carriers and MGAs on the path to being future-ready. If you look around you, the rest of the industry is already on a similar path.

Andy Moss, Send Co-Founder and CEO. If you’d like to get in touch with Andy, contact him here

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