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EDII Digital Minds Showcase: Driving innovation and collaboration

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Published on:6th March 2024
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At Send, we believe in cultivating innovation and supporting emerging talent in the digital landscape. That’s why we’ve partnered with EDII as a proud Pillar Partner for Cohort 5 of their Digital Minds program as part of our commitment to driving innovation within the insurance industry.

Digital Minds, EDII’s flagship program, is at the forefront of shaping the future of insurance talent, with a focus on “preparing its delegates for an ever-evolving, innovation-driven, and digitally complex world”.

By focusing on the latest technologies and innovative strategies, the program prepares its participants to lead the charge in the evolving landscape of the insurance industry. Cohort 5 represents a diverse group of forward-thinking individuals ready to tackle the challenges of digital transformation and push the boundaries of what’s possible in underwriting and beyond.

Our CEO and Send co-founder, Andy Moss, took an active role in coaching his group and sharing insights on some of the technologies that are shaping the future of insurance. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Andy provided invaluable guidance, helping the participants refine their ideas, overcome challenges, and turn their visions into reality.

Andy Moss and team ‘Stamp AI’: How AI can assist the underwriting process.

One of the standout moments of this collaboration was the recent showcase event, where each group had the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of insurance and technology experts. It was a celebration of creativity and hard work, as participants unveiled their innovative solutions to pressing challenges in the insurance landscape.

Additionally, Sol Read, one of Send’s talented Software Developers, was part of the group presenting on AI Learning Pathways, contributing his technical expertise to their project.

Sol Read, Software Developer at Send. Part of the Dynamic Learning Pathways team.

The showcase featured cutting-edge software applications to disruptive business models. As a Pillar Partner, we were inspired by the passion and creativity displayed by all involved. As we reflect on this experience, we’re reminded of the importance of mentorship, collaboration, and community in driving innovation and positive change.

Among the innovative projects showcased during the program were:

  1. How AI can assist the underwriting process: This team developed an intuitive ingestion tool using generative AI to ingest large volumes of data and provide dynamic insights into risk profiles and predictions, empowering underwriters with invaluable support without replacing their expertise.
  2. Opportunities for IoT in Insurance: Demonstrating the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology, this team showcased how data can be seamlessly captured and utilised to innovate products and services across various sectors, from property and smart cities to healthcare.
  3. The Insurance Hub: Leveraging digital platforms and AI, this team created a centralised hub for insurance professionals to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange within the industry. This hub captures the latest industry information and insights, whether inside or outside of your organisation, helping transfer key insurance insights and knowledge for the next generation of insurance professionals.
  4. Dynamic Learning Pathways: This team focused on addressing the need to support skills development and progression in insurance careers. They used generative AI to create clear, relevant, and measurable learning pathways. Their solution empowers individuals and organisations to optimise talent and achieve their goals effectively.

We are proud to support this programme and create a culture of innovation in insurance together.

Well done to everyone on Cohort 5 of the Digital Minds programme. We look forward to seeing how you shape the industry of the future.

If you would like to learn more about the Digital Minds programme and sign up for the next cohort, you can learn more here.

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