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Interview: Insurance Business and Andy Moss

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Published on:8th January 2024
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Send in the News …  Andy Moss on the evolution of technology in underwriting. 

The underwriting space has changed immeasurably since Andy Moss entered the insurance market nearly twenty years ago.  One of the biggest shifts is in the volume of data now available to underwriters to make smart decisions on risk, he tells Insurance Business:

“The amount of data used in underwriting just increases year-on-year. The availability of data sources accessible to make a decision about a risk today, compared to 10 or 20 years ago, is incredible.”

The leap in data has necessitated a shift from paper and spreadsheet-based underwriting processes to the use of smart technology. This technology can be used to ingest, assess, and triage data and help underwriters better understand the risks coming across their desks.

This digitisation and evolution of underwriting has in turn opened up the talent pool to insurers looking to close the growing talent gap.

“If you look at the types of roles being advertised by insurers these days, you’ll see a lot more breadth in terms of the skills companies are looking for, and the roles they’re hiring for.”

In this new interview with Insurance Business, Andy talks to senior editor Mia Wallace about:

  • The new data and technology roles opening up across the industry
  • How insurers are using technology to attract and retain top talent
  • Why tech-savvy underwriters are top of the recruitment list for future-focused insurers.

Read the full interview here.

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