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Looking ahead: what’s on the cards for Send in 2024? 

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Published on:12th December 2023
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It’s the time of the year for getting misty-eyed as we reflect on the year gone by, and look forward to what the next 12 months may bring.

For Send, 2023 has been a year of continued growth; in products, customers and our own team, but what are the nine things co-founder and CEO Andy Moss is looking forward to in 2024?

9. Collecting more passport stamps

“One thing I’ve really loved about this year has been the opportunity to spend time meeting more of our customers, partners and investors face-to-face.  The ability to sit down in person and talk openly about objectives, goals and achievements really enriches those business relationships and ultimately drives more successful projects. ITC Vegas early November was a particular highlight, I’ve never seen so many connections and friends in one place!  Next year I’ll be looking forward to more travel across the US as we continue to expand, and more opportunities to strengthen those vital relationships.” 

8. A little less conversation, a little more action

“If 2023 was a year of ideas for the industry, 2024 will be the year of action.  It’s time to move the technology conversation forward, particularly around AI, and start evidencing where these innovations can make a tangible impact on business.  For our part, we’ll be helping our customers to understand and navigate these technologies, and show them how generative AI, large language models and automated processes will deliver business growth in ways they may never have considered.”

7. A thoroughly modern market

“1st July 2024 is set to be the date at which London market firms will switch from DXC’s existing central services to new digital solutions developed as part of Blueprint Two.  Market modernisation has been on the agenda for many, many years, but 2024 could represent the biggest step forward we’ve seen. It’s an exciting, but potentially scary time for many businesses. I’m looking forward to continuing to support customers through these changes and show them how they can get better data, earlier on in the underwriting process and meet the needs of a modern marketplace.” 

6. Expansion state-side

“Send will continue to focus on growth in the US.  This year we welcomed several new team members in North America, and they’ve made great headway in showing US-based P&C and specialty carriers the power of Send Underwriting Workbench.  I’m looking forward to that momentum continuing in 2024.” 

5. Return of the Summer of Love Underwriting

“Another highlight this year was our first Summer party! Despite less than summery weather, customers, partners and friends came out in force to celebrate the summer, and their love of underwriting. I’m definitely looking forward to recreating that magic next year!” 

4. Winning together

“We really appreciate the support and collaboration we’ve had with partners such as Decerto, Deloitte, NTT Data and Sollers this year.  The industry is becoming increasingly reliant on strong partnerships to evolve, and we believe we’ve got some of the best data, implementation and technology partners in the market.  I’m looking forward to building on and strengthening those in the coming year.” 

3. Table stakes tech stack

Over the last few years we’ve seen much greater interest in the pre-bind space, and we’re heading towards a point where investment in underwriting technology is the norm rather than the exception. Whereas in the past claims and policy admin have been ripe for investment and innovation, the underwriting tech stack is now table stakes.  We’re in a great position to support this increased investment with our Underwriting Workbench, and we can demonstrate how critical investment in this area will be for profitable growth. 

2. People, people, people

“Our people are what drives Send forward.  We’re now nearing 90 employees and have invested heavily in embedding the culture we want our talented people to benefit from.  I’m looking forward to continuing to build our team, creating the structure and skills to nurture the next generation of leaders.  We are now in the very early stages of our first apprenticeship scheme, so I’m keen to see how that develops over the coming year, and hopefully bring in more talented individuals to begin their careers in this industry.” 

1. Underwriting evolution

“Underwriting will continue to evolve in 2024, with more investment and greater focus than ever, and we need to be ready to respond.  We already have plans to introduce new products and functionality that will satisfy the demand from customers for an expanded underwriting solution that gives them a strong competitive advantage.  

The market doesn’t sit still, and neither do we – we will continue to innovate in 2024, making sure our customers have the tools they need to write profitable business and react to emerging risks.” 


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